Hermanus Whale Season

When is the 2017 Hermanus Whale Season?

The Southern Right Whales usually arrive during early Spring and although it’s not possible to to provide an exact start and end-date, it is generally accepted that the Hermanus whale season lasts from June to November every year.  It is however important to note that sightings and numbers may vary quite significantly from year to year.

Is this the best time to visit Hermanus?

Although Hermanus may be best known for its Whales, it is definitely not the only reason to visit Hermanus. With various sporting-, art- and cultural events during the year, organic markets, unspoilt nature, lazy summers, local wine and cuisine, Hermanus has become a year-round destination.

Hermanus Town View

View from one of the many hiking routes around Hermanus.

Land-based or boat-based Whale Watching?

Although Hermanus is known as the best land-based whale watching spot in the world, boat-based whale watching has become a huge industry.  Only a few operators are allowed to offer boat-based whale watching charters and are guided by strict rules, that will leave the whales undisturbed.

Depending on your preference and available time, both experiences will leave a lasting impression.

What to expect from the whales?

Breaching (jumping out of the sea)

Sailing (keeping its tail out of the sea for a long period)

Lob-tailing (slapping its fins hard and fast on the surface of the sea)

Spy-hopping (raising and holding its head out of the sea)

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